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31st March 2009

satyrich12:07pm: Hope is the Death of Change
For a good overview of ongoing police and surveillance state crimes against freedom--esp. in regard to its heavy-handed campaign against environmental and animal rights activists--check out www.greenisthenewred.com.  Google "Green Scare" while you're at it.

Sadly, since the Democrats and mainstream liberals spent 8 years being either impotent critics of or active supporters of these kinds of policies under Bush, we now find ourselves in a situation where racists, bigots, corporatists, militarists and other neo-fascists can now pretend that they are being persecuted by mean old Obama and his "greenshirts," even though it is STILL the lefty groups who are at the top of the government's hit list.


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10th October 2006

syndicalist2:30pm: Gallup: Bush approval rating at 37%
Bush is at historic lows. The Gallup Poll traditionally heavily Republican. Other polls record even worse percentages. Ironically, the "liberal" Washington Post has him at a 39% approval rating, higher than even Gallup.

Bush approval ratings in a nutshell:

Washington Post/ABC, 39;
Newsweek, 33;
New York Times/CBS, 34;
USA Today/Gallup, 37.

SOURCE: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/blog/2006/10/10/BL2006101000571.html

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27th March 2006

blissunaware1:31pm: MO wants gag order on BIRTH CONTROL
Is this the kind of freedom our brave men and women are fighting—and dying—and being maimed—for? Is this what innocent civilians are dying for? That A WOMAN CAN’T EVEN GET AN ANSWER WHEN SHE ASKS ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL? And that doctors, nurses, and other health-care providers have a GAG ORDER imposed on them so they can’t even PROVIDE A REFERRAL FOR BIRTH CONTROL (NOT even abortion, but BIRTH CONTROL)

Somehow, I think not …

How can anyone support censoring a doctor saying, “I’m sorry we can’t provide birth control to our clients because of state laws, but such-and-such facility or provider does”?

I wonder, is this what the citizens of Missouri, and of the USA, want?

Somehow, I don’t think so ….

What kind of country are we becoming? Where does this absolute hatred and vitriol toward women and families come from?

[emphasis added]


Low-income women would be affected
House OKs birth control funding ban
The Star’s Jefferson City correspondent

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri House voted Wednesday to ban state funding of contraceptives for low-income women and TO PROHIBIT STATE-FUNDED PROGRAMS FROM REFERRING THOSE WOMEN TO OTHER PROGRAMS.

Critics jumped on the proposal, saying it would lead to more abortions and more unwanted children on welfare.

But the proposal’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Susan Phillips of Kansas City, said contraceptive services were an inappropriate use of tax dollars. “If doctors want to give contraception privately or personally, they can,” Phillips said. “But we don’t need to pay for contraception with taxpayer funds.”

The change was the most controversial amendment adopted during the second day of debate on next year’s state budget. The Republican majority also turned back several efforts to boost funding for health-care programs by trimming farm and agribusiness subsidies.

PHILLIPS’ AMENDMENT DID NOT SAVE THE STATE MONEY. Instead, it imposed restrictions on how state agencies could spend $9.23 million earmarked for public-health programs, mainly for people who are poor but make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.

The BUDGET COMMITTEE had APPROVED expenditures on screenings for breast and cervical cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility treatments AND CONTRACEPTION.

Phillips’ amendment eliminated infertility treatments and contraception, and substituted alternatives to abortion and prenatal care for the purpose of giving birth. It also prohibited spending on any treatment and referrals for any treatment not spelled out in the budget.

Rep. Bob Johnson, a Lee’s Summit Republican, offered an amendment that deleted infertility treatments, but reinstated contraceptives. Most of the money, he said, would go to county health departments serving women with no alternatives to obtain health care.

-->>“If we don’t allow for contraception for low-income women, we will have more unplanned pregnancies and more pregnancies ended by abortion,” Johnson said. “No one here wants more abortions.”

He drew support from Rep. Rob Schaaf, a St. Joseph Republican and a family doctor. Schaaf said contraceptives were a basic part of medical care and should be covered.

Johnson’s proposal [which reinstated the contraception allowance provision] was defeated 100-53, with nearly all Republicans and a handful of Democrats voting against the change.

The House then took up Phillips’ amendment. Rep. Melba Curls, a Kansas City Democrat, asked how Republicans could vote to block access to contraceptives after last year’s dramatic cuts in Medicaid and other social services. “Not all the low-income women who will get pregnant will have abortions,” Curls said. “If you have the baby, you’re still low-income. And if you’re poor and you have a baby, who takes care of the baby? The state of Missouri. You’re setting up poor women once more not to have services.”

Rep. Kate Meiners, a Kansas City Democrat and an abortion opponent, said Phillips intended her amendment to be a statement against abortion. But Meiners said she feared it would have the opposite effect by creating more unplanned pregnancies.

But Phillips said she was comfortable with the change because the group Missouri Right to Life and the Missouri Catholic Conference supported it.

The House held a voice vote and the amendment appeared to fail. But supporters quickly called for a roll call to put each lawmaker on record supporting or opposing Missouri Right to Life. The amendment was approved 96-59.

The contraceptive services banned were an effort to jump-start a family-planning program that had been cut in 2003 because of the state’s severe budget crunch.

-->>Rep. Rachel Storch, a St. Louis Democrat, pointed to a study that found the teenage birth rate in Missouri dropped 32 percent from 1991 to 2002. The drop was attributed to wider availability of contraceptives.<--


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2nd March 2006

syndicalist12:15pm: D'oh!
Bush on Good Morning America, 3 days after Hurricane Katrina hit NOLA:
"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did anticipate a serious storm. But these levees got breached. And as a result, much of New Orleans is flooded. And now we are having to deal with it and will."

Video Shows Bush Warned Before Katrina Hit

By MARGARET EBRAHIM and JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writers
1 hour, 12 minutes ago

On the eve of Hurricane Katrina's fateful landfall, President Bush was confident. His homeland security chief appeared relaxed. Louisiana officials were heaping praise on the federal government.

And warnings of the coming destruction — breached or overrun levees, deaths at the New Orleans Superdome and overwhelming needs for post-storm rescues — were delivered in dramatic terms to all involved.

All of it was captured on videotape.

AP Newswire

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18th September 2005

wyldeboi996:11pm: A Queer Response To The Tragedy Of Hurricane Katrina…..
Someone in this community asked me the other day, what my posting, on what was going on in New Orleans, during the president’s speech, had to do with homosexuality.

I shared the post with the group, because, to me, it symbolized a tragic yet satirical look at the way this administration responds to not only it’s populous in times of need, but it also offered a birds-eye view of the way this president views his public at large.

My initial knee jerk reaction after the question was raised, was to simply pull the post.

Maybe the person was right..maybe it really didn’t have anything to do with homosexuality.

So I deleted it.

But you know what?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized this administration’s response to the events of hurricane Katrina had absolutely EVERYTHING to do with homosexuality.
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16th September 2005

wyldeboi991:22pm: The View From Bourbon Street....
"The difference between pornography and erotica is the lighting."
-Gloria Leonard

The cathedral before last night's speech....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And then we have the cathedral during last night's speech....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

NOTE TO CONDI: Next time just get him a white shirt. It would have been cheaper.

And one more lighting thing...this from NBC's Brian Williams...


and if you're interested in what was going on in NO during the speech...


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11th August 2005

syndicalist7:45am: Rolling Stones write new anti-Bush song
Are conservatives, Clear Channel, etc., going to treat the Rolling Stones like the Dixie Chicks, now? Pretty soon they'll have no bands to listen to!

Will Conservatives Dixie Chick the Rolling Stones?

New album takes jab at Bush Admin

Mick Jagger is speaking out about their new song "Sweet Neo Con".

Will the conservatives Dixie Chick them?


"You call yourself a Christian
I call you a hypocrite
You call yourself a patriot
I think you're full of shit"

Video is here. (.wmv file)

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10th August 2005

syndicalist9:41pm: Colombia dealing with its own "militia movement"
Like us in the USA, Colombia has its own problems with right-wing paramilitaries ("militias" here). Let's hope the US paramilitary thugs never become as brazen as these guys. Well, they were tied to the OKC bombing, Ruby Ridge, and some other unsavory stuff, so, who knows?

August 10, 2005
New York Times

Colombia Unearthing Plight of Its 'Disappeared'

SAN ONOFRE, Colombia - In one of the most horrific
chapters of Colombia's long civil conflict,
investigators are unearthing scores of bodies from
secret graves dotting this humid cattle-grazing region
near the Caribbean, the victims of right-wing
paramilitary groups now benefiting from generous
concessions for pledging to disarm.

With dozens of people coming forward in recent months
to complain of missing relatives, government and
military officials now estimate that hundreds of poor
farmers may have been killed and secretly buried in a
terror campaign that began in the late 1990's.

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21st June 2005

syndicalist11:26am: [Hostettler is the loon who said in 1994 that private citizens ought to be able to carry nuclear weapons.]

A holy war in D.C.

GOP lawmaker calls Dems anti-Christian during AFA debate

By M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Rocky Mountain News
June 21, 2005

WASHINGTON - An Indiana congressman accused Democrats of waging a "war
on Christianity" on Monday, as a debate over religious tolerance at
the U.S. Air Force Academy erupted in shouts and finger- pointing.

Work in the House of Representatives ground to a halt for 30 tense
minutes after Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind., blasted Democrats for
trying to amend a $409 billion defense spending bill with language
condemning "coercive and abusive" proselytizing at the academy's
Colorado Springs campus.

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17th June 2005

syndicalist2:36pm: Repubican base splitting over Iraq?
And to think this was the "treasonous" position to hold just two years ago.

Rep. Jones, Resolving To Follow His Heart
Rising Iraq Toll Moves Republican To Call for Pullout

By Marcia Davis
Washington Post
Friday, June 17, 2005

It started at a military funeral about two years ago, this heartache that
Republican Walter B. Jones says has gripped him and won't let go.

It's the kind of pain that gnaws and prods. So much so that it pushed the
North Carolina congressman to begin writing to other families of dead
servicemen and women. (He's up to at least 1,300.)

And to collect pictures of the fallen. (There are rows of posters bearing
them outside his Capitol Hill office.)

And just yesterday, that heartache pushed him to stand in the House press
gallery with three colleagues, including two Democrats, and call for
President Bush to set up a plan to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq
by October 2006.
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16th June 2005

syndicalist10:17pm: "Beating a political stake in your black heart will be the fulfillment of my life"
Bare Truths about the War, from a Small Paper

A daily in Lexington, Ky., Tuesday quoted at length the angry words of the mother of young man killed in Iraq. She accused President Bush of "lying," and said that "hard work" is "not jumping in the grave" with a deceased son. Would any major paper print such words? Or are they failing to reflect the growing anger in Middle America about this war?

By Ned Stafford

(June 15, 2005) -- Read the following 225 words from a Tuesday news story in the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, and ask yourself: Would these honest, hard-hitting words appear in one of the major newspapers, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post or USA Today?

The story, by the Herald-Leader’s Frank E. Lockwood, covers a local appearance by Cindy Sheehan, president of Gold Star Families for Peace, an organization whose membership includes relatives of more than 50 soldiers who died in Iraq.

Here are the 225 words:

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syndicalist12:53pm: Republicans seek exit strategy from embarrassing Soc. Security failure
Washington Post - June 16, 2005

Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought
GOP Leaders Cite an Impasse With Democrats on Proposed Private Accounts

By Jonathan Weisman and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers

With the Senate Finance Committee at an impasse on Social Security
and House leaders anxious about moving forward, Republican
congressional leaders have told the White House in recent days that
it is time to look for an escape route.

Senate GOP leaders, in discussions with White House Deputy Chief of
Staff Karl Rove and political officials, have made it clear they are
stuck in a deep rut and suggested it is time for an exit strategy,
according to a senior Senate Republican official and Finance
Committee aides.

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15th June 2005

syndicalist7:42am: GOP to go after Red Cross
When I lived in California, I did volunteer work with the Red Cross [mostly of an unexciting data entry, clerical nature], but one of the perks was that we were all given free CPR and First Aid training. The classes were full-day classes, taught by actual EMT or hospital personnel, and you were rewarded with a certification card.

Little did I know then I was in with a "liberal" organization!


GOP Committee Targets International Red Cross

Senators ask Bush to reconsider financial support for the agency after
its criticism of how U.S. forces treat their detainees abroad.

By Sonni Efron
Times Staff Writer
June 15, 2005

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans are calling on the Bush administration
to reassess U.S. financial support for the International Committee of
the Red Cross, charging that the group is using American funds to
lobby against U.S. interests.

The Senate Republican Policy Committee, which advances the views of
the GOP Senate majority, said in a report that the international
humanitarian organization had "lost its way" and veered from the
impartiality on which its reputation was based. The Republican policy
group titled its report: "Are American Interests Being Disserved by
the International Committee of the Red Cross?"

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syndicalist6:37am: Madrassas aren't producing terrorists; many terrorists have science degrees
"We examined the educational backgrounds of 75 terrorists behind some of the most significant recent terrorist attacks against Westerners. We found that a majority of them are university-educated, often in
technical subjects like engineering."


It is one of the widespread assumptions of the war on
terrorism that the Muslim religious schools known as madrassas,
catering to families that are often poor, are graduating students who
become terrorists.

Last year, Secretary of State Colin Powell denounced madrassas in
Pakistan and several other countries as breeding grounds for
"fundamentalists and terrorists." A year earlier, Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld had queried in a leaked memorandum, "Are we
capturing, killing or deterring and dissuading more terrorists every
day than the madrassas and the radical clerics are recruiting,
training and deploying against us?"

While madrassas may breed fundamentalists who have learned to recite
the Koran in Arabic by rote, such schools do not teach the technical
or linguistic skills necessary to be an effective terrorist. Indeed,
there is little or no evidence that madrassas produce terrorists
capable of attacking the West.

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syndicalist4:28am: Almost hafl polled called O'Reilly a "journalist"
Many Americans Call O'Reilly a Journalist

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jun 13, 6:29 PM ET

WASHINGTON - About 40 percent of Americans say they consider talk
show host Bill O'Reilly a journalist - more than would define famed
Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward the same way, according to a
poll conducted this spring.

O'Reilly is on the Fox News Channel, offering his often tart
conservative opinions, while Woodward has spent a career writing news
stories and books.

Only 30 percent of those polled said Woodward was a journalist, while
53 percent said they didn't know, despite the fact that Woodward and
Carl Bernstein broke the Watergate story that ultimately led to
President Nixon's resignation in 1974.

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8th June 2005

syndicalist5:38am: Overview of the Bush economy; or, A Portrait of Failure
From article: "Mr. Johnston's article quotes a prominent economist who argues that people care more about the chance to move from one income class to another (upward, of course) than about income distribution. But during the Bush years, the two main sources of class mobility - a good job and money for higher education - have increasingly failed to materialize for those who most need them.">

The Bush Economy
New York Times -- Editorial

Published: June 7, 2005

With all of the debate about taxes, the economy and domestic spending, it is hard to imagine anyone supporting the notion of taking money from programs like Medicaid and college-tuition assistance, increasing the tax burden of the vast majority of working Americans, sending the country into crushing debt - and giving the proceeds to people who are so fantastically rich that they don't know what to do with the money they already have. Yet that is just what is happening under the Bush administration. Forget the middle class and the upper-middle class. Even the merely wealthy are being left behind in the dust by the small slice of super-rich Americans.

In last Sunday's Times, David Cay Johnston reported that from 1980 to 2002, the latest year of available data, the share of total income earned by the top 0.1 percent of earners more than doubled, while the share earned by everyone else in the top 10 percent rose far less. The share of the bottom 90 percent declined.

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syndicalist2:01am: Bush ha shigher negatives than Hillary
Hilarious: "In a basic measure of personal popularity, 48 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Bush overall, 51 percent unfavorable, the first time he's gotten a majority unfavorable rating, however slightly. Of two other political figures tested, Hillary Rodham Clinton has a rating of 51-46 percent favorable-unfavorable, marginally better than Bush's, but hardly powerful. "


EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE AFTER 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Concerns on Iraq and Domestic Policy
Underlie a Rising Political Alienation

The corrosive effects of the war in Iraq and a growing disconnect on
political priorities have pushed George W. Bush's performance ratings
- notably on terrorism - to among the worst of his career, casting a
pall over his second term and potentially over his party's prospects

For the first time most Americans, 55 percent, say Bush has done more
to divide than to unite the country. A career-high 52 percent
disapprove of his job performance overall, and, in another first, a
bare majority rates him unfavorably on a personal level. Most differ
with him on issues ranging from the economy and Social Security to
stem-cell research and nuclear power.

Iraq is a major thorn. With discontent over U.S. casualties at a new
peak, a record 58 percent say the war there was not worth fighting.
Nearly two-thirds think the United States has gotten bogged down in
Iraq, up 11 points since March. Forty-five percent go so far as to
foresee the equivalent of another Vietnam.

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7th June 2005

syndicalist1:20pm: Bush's sucky poll numbers
Washington Post - June 7, 2005

Post-ABC Poll: Bush Ignoring Public Concerns

By Richard Morin
Washington Post Staff Writer

A clear majority of Americans say President Bush is ignoring the
public's concerns and instead has become distracted by issues that
most people say they care little about, according to a new Washington
Post-ABC News poll.

The survey found that 58 percent of those interviewed said Bush is
mainly concentrating in his second term on problems and partisan
squabbles that these respondents said were unimportant to them. Four
in 10--41 percent--said the president was focused on important
problems--a double-digit drop from three years ago.

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syndicalist11:16am: O'Reilly cruise flops
Maybe he should have offered free falafel.


Filed under Media : Commentary

Bad news, gang: Your fantasy vacation, the Battle For American Values
cruise featuring Bill O'Reilly, has been destroyed. While the cruise
will still set sail, Our Heavenly Father of Fox News will not be in
attendance, nor will any of the scheduled speakers or events take

According to the Thomas More Law Center, the response was
surprisingly poor. The organization ultimately renegotiated with
Holland America Cruise Line in an attempt to pare down the expected
guest list but maintain the event as scheduled. Sales continued to
trickle in and finally, after two more negotiations with Holland
America to reduce the group size, the event was finally scrapped.

To make matters worse, the ship's seminar entitled "How to Combat the
ACLU" has also been cancelled. Be careful out there, as the Caribbean
waters have never been more dangerous.

S.S. O'Reilly Sinks Before Leaving Port


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6th June 2005

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (brings you The Nation magazine):


Women fed up with the double standard in the bedroom

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Penises were all over the news as I sat down to write this column.
On May 22, faces blushed scarlet in New York state when it came to light that over the past five years Medicaid has handed out free Viagra to 198 sex criminals. Apparently the state thought federal rules required no less.

The next day, researchers released a study showing excellent results for Johnson & Johnson's dapoxetine, a drug that prevents premature ejaculation and intensifies the male orgasm. True, rapists' access to taxpayer-funded erections vanished within hours, and they will probably have to buy their own dapoxetine, too. But you have to admit, men are moving right along, sexually.

They have drugs to help them get up and stay in and get out in a shower of sparks, and an array of private and public health plans to pay for these fleshly maneuvers: Last year, Medicaid laid out about $38 million for impotence drugs; Medicare will start providing them for seniors next year at an estimated cost of nearly $2 billion over the following decade. Even the Defense Department covers them. Need I add that men don't have to worry that their pharmacist will ask to see a marriage license or plug their name into the sex offender registry before handing over those little blue pills?

No, the double standard still waves over the nation's bedrooms. The only new birth control method coming up soon is actually a nostalgia item, the Today sponge, beloved by Seinfeld's Elaine, which will be returning to drugstores later this year.

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4th June 2005

syndicalist1:27pm: Amnesty Int'ls response to Bush's claim they are "absurd"
Rights Group Answers Bush

Published: June 4, 2005
New York Times

To the Editor:

President Bush's characterization of Amnesty International's criticisms of United States human rights abuses as "absurd" is ironic (news article, June 1).

If our reports are so "absurd," why did the administration repeatedly cite our findings about Saddam Hussein before the Iraq war? Why does it welcome our criticisms of Cuba, China and North Korea? And why does it cite our research in its own annual human rights reports?

No amount of spin can erase the myriad human rights abuses committed by United States officials in the "war on terror." The United States cannot simultaneously claim that it "promotes freedom around the world" while detaining tens of thousands at Guantánamo Bay, Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and in Iraq and other locations without charge or trial and allowing those civilian and military officials responsible for orchestrating a systematic policy of torture to escape accountability.

Instead of attacking us, President Bush should insist upon a truly thorough, independent investigation of those who tried to circumvent global prohibitions on torture, and he should open all detention centers to scrutiny by independent human rights groups.

Only then will the world be able to judge whether it is Amnesty International or the president whose perspective deserves to be called "absurd."

William F. Schulz
Exec. Dir., Amnesty International
New York, June 1, 2005

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3rd June 2005

syndicalist4:28am: Congress to study slaves' role in building US capitol
Not only did black slaves build the capitol, the design of the Wash., DC, govt. buildings was the work of a collaboration between a French architect, Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant (commissioned by George Washington), and a black man, Benjamin Banneker. Check it out.

Congress to Study Slaves Role in Capitol

By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press WriterTue May 31, 4:01 PM ET

The U.S. Capitol was built with the labor of slaves who cut the logs, laid the stones and baked the bricks. Two centuries later, Congress has decided the world should know about this.

Congressional leaders on Tuesday announced the creation of a task force to study the history of slave labor in the construction of the Capitol and suggest how it can best be commemorated.

"It is our hope that the work of the task force will shed light on this part of our history, the building of our nation's greatest symbol of democracy," House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) and Sen. Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record) said in a joint statement.

Historians say slaves were the largest labor pool when Congress in 1790 decided to create a new national capital along the Potomac surrounded by the two slave-owning states of Maryland and Virginia.

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2nd June 2005

syndicalist5:12pm: Chomsky speaks! In the only place that'll publish him -- the foreign press =(

"The Social Security Non-Crisis"

Noam Chomsky
Khaleej Times, June 1, 2005

In the debate over Social Security, US President
Bush's handlers have already won, at least in the
short term. Bush and Karl Rove, his deputy chief of
staff, have succeeded in convincing most of the US
population that there is a serious problem with Social
Security, which opens the way for considering the
administration's programme of private accounts instead
of relying on the public pension system.
The public has been frightened, much as it was by the
imminent threat of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of
mass destruction.

The pressure on politicians is rising as leaders in
the US House of Representatives hope to draft Social
Security legislation by next month.

For perspective, perhaps it should be noted that
Social Security is one of the least generous public
pension systems among advanced countries, according to
a new report by the Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development.

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30th May 2005

syndicalist10:15pm: Salman Rushdie: Atheism is the way to go
Remember when this guy wrote Satanic verse and the Ayatollah of Iran put a bounty on his, and DRI wrote that song "Kill the Words" in response? Here's Rushdie, again.

Toronto Star - May 23, 2005

Just give me that old-time atheism!
By Salman Rushdie

"Not believing in God is no excuse for being
virulently anti-religious or naïvely
pro-science," says Dylan Evans, a professor of
robotics at the University of West England in

Evans has written an article for the Guardian of
London deriding the old-fashioned, "19th-century"
atheism of such prominent thinkers as Richard
Dawkins and Jonathan Miller, instead proposing a
new, modern atheism which "values religion,
treats science as simply a means to an end and
finds the meaning of life in art."

Indeed, he says, religion itself is to be
understood as "a kind of art, which only a child
could mistake for reality and which only a child
would reject for being false."

Evans' position fits well with that of the
American philosopher of science Michael Ruse,
whose new book, The Evolution-Creation Struggle ,
lays much of the blame for the growth of
creationism in America - and for the increasingly
strident attempts by the religious right to have
evolutionary theory kicked off the curriculum and
replaced by the new dogma of "intelligent design"
- at the door of the scientists who have tried to
compete with, and even supplant, religion.

A staunch evolutionist himself, he is
nevertheless highly critical of such modern
giants as Dawkins and Edward O. Wilson.

Evans' "Atheism Lite," which seeks to negotiate a
truce between religious and irreligious world
views, is easily demolished.

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